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Welcome to FM2019

This years Flatcoated Retriever Championship will be hold in Blekinge at Halens camping in Olofström 10th to 11th of August. 

Please see the memo below. You will find the starting order under the menu "Startlistor".



The Championship (FM2019) is Sweden's biggest championships för dogs. FM2019 is arranged as a Working Test (WT) according to SSRK Guidelines and Instructions, with a few exceptions. To participate in FM2019 is required for Swedish-owned dog membership in FRK and for foreign-owned dogs, membership in FRK or corresponding club in their home country.


UKL (Youngster class)

For dogs between 9 and 24 months old on the 10th of August. It may have taken prizes in every class. Only age determines.


NKL (Beginners class)

For dogs older than 24 months on the 10th of August, who have not yet entered Open class. If the dog has achieved a 1st prize it may remain in the class the rest of the calender year. If the dog has entered a higher class, it may not return to NKL.


ÖKL (Open class)

For dogs with a 1st prize in NKL, but no more than two 1st prizes in ÖKL.


EKL (Elite class)

For dogs with at least two 1st prizes in ÖKL.


VKL (Veteran class)

For dogs who have reached the age of 9 years old before 10th of August, regardless of previously achieved merits.


Should your dog, after your application, have achieved further merits, that acquire a change of class, please contact the secretariat right away.


More information about the history and organization of the flat championship can be found on the Flatcoated Retriever Club website

Camping and Accomodation


Halens Camping, cottages and hostel

Phone: +46 450 402 30,


First Hotel Olofström


Harasjömåla camping and cottages


Hotel Fritzatorpet


Rosornas camping


Djupadal camping


Vånga Hostel


Oretorp cottages


Fridafors semesterhem (cottages)


Immelns Café Bistro & Camping